10 attractive destinations you should visit when you are been in Sa pa

  From September to November is the most beautiful season in Sa Pa. The weather is cool, nature and people are seem mingled with each other as a wonderful picture. Therefore, do not miss them when you explore this beautiful town. Let us help you listing the most attractive places of Sapa.

  1. Fansipan – The roof top of Indochine

  Fansipan is the highest mountain of  Indochine  peninsula with the height of 3,143 m. It is located in the centre of Hoang Lien Son range. Though it is about 9 km of southwest from Sapa, it takes about 6-7 days to get there. Nowadays, there are a lot of professional and amateur climbers who find the way to win the Mt. Fansipan’s top.  They maybe book tour from travel agencies or do it themselves with the directions by the local people (the H’Mong, the Dzao who are the main ethnic minorities in Sapa).

On the way to get top, visitors will be explored the animals and plants system and amazing nature of Hoang Lien Son range as well as rare medicines and woods; grouses, chamois,…

You also can choose the other choice is use to cabin car to get the top of Fansipan.The cabi car system was used in the begin of 2016. It helps a lot of travellers making the dreams to win the roof top of Indochine come true. This cabin system is recognized 2 Guinness’ record are: 3 wire cable car system with the longest length in the world (6292,5m); 3 wire cable car system with the distance between the departure station and arrival station is biggest (1410m). Now , time to view the Fansipan top is decreased from 2 days to 15 minutes.

  1. Mountain Ham Rong (Mt. Dragon’s Jaw)

Mt. Dragon’s Jaw is located nearby Sapa town, about 3km so visitors can walk to there. Standing on its top, you can observe Sapa’s overview, Muong Hoa valley, Ta Phin,…which are hidden by clouds and fogs. If you come to Ham Rong mountain, you will feel getting lost in the heaven with fruits: clouds cover around you, flowers are full on the ground.

Mountain Ham Rong
  1. Sapa Church

It is built in 1895 and considered as an old-architectural imprint by French perfectly. It is located in the centre of Sapa town. It is rebuilt and maintained, become the typical image when mention to Sapa.

  1. Cat Cat village

This is an ancient village of the H’Mong. It is far from Sapa about 2 km. This village still remain traditional handicrafts such as: cotton growing, flax growing, weaving. It is the place nearby Sapa town so it fascinates many people visit. Nowadays, it is built into Cat Cat area.

  1. Ta Phin village

Ta Phin village belongs to Sapa district, is about 17km of east from Sapa. It has a beautiful natural sights and the culture is full of  local features like a brocade of the Dzao. Visiting Ta Phin village, you have chance to view the Ta Phin cave nearby it. There are a lot of stalactites with different shapes as: dancing fairies, sitting fairies, fields, sparkle forest,… Otherwise, you can visit some other villages around Sapa. They are also beautiful.

  1. Muong Hoa valley – Sapa ancient rocks

Muong Hoa means is Flower Area in English. It belongs to Hau Thao Commune. It is about 8km of Southeast. From Sapa district, you have to climb a mountain pass and pay 80.000 vnd when go through charging station to go to Muong Hoa valley. A special thing that there are a lot of ancient rocks with many different shapes. They lie interleave the terraced fields. These hundreds of rocks contained the strange shapes with strange symbols that can’t determine their origin and meaning. Nowadays, this rock area is recognized as the national heritage, it is the unique products of the ancient Viet. Moreover, there is a beautiful stream about 15km flow cross 4 communes.

  1. Thac Bac – Dinh Deo

From Sapa district, on the way to Lai Chau province about 12km, you will see a waterfall streams from 200m height into the stream lies on O Quy Ho valley and make into the sound of forest. Keep going through 3km from Thac Bac, you will arrive Dinh Deo. From here, you can view all of  beauty of Fansipan. On the bottom, there is a main way connecting the districts.

  1. Heaven Gate

Going to southern about 18km, the way to the Heaven Gate is extremely twisty in the middle of mountain. This one is named Tram Ton, it is twisted around Hoang Lien Son Range. Top of  this mountain pass is Heaven Gate. Standing in the center of Heaven Gate, you can cover a wide valley with the  green terraced fields, twisty roads, and in further is Thac Bac. It is also the best place to feel the beauty of Fansipan Top perfectly.

  1. Fairy Cave

From the center of Bao Nhai (belongs to Bac Ha district), on the boat, you will go through Trung Do and listen to its legends. This river arrives here reduced its size into deep stream peacefully flow between 2 sides of mountain. Fairy Cave is considered as a Ha Long Bay in zoom out. It is associated with the legend of Ba Co Temple (Three Girls Temple). Tourists often come here to bath themselves into the morning sunlight and pray for having the beauty, health and wealth.

  1. Coc San

It is located in Coc San Commune, Bat Xat district. It is about 7km from Lao Cai city, Coc San is a system of waterfalls and cave in any sizes. From 4D highway, there is a long pathway over 1km lead to Coc San. The way to get Coc San is extremely twisty, dark and hidden by rocks. It is a natural and wide beauty.

There is a special thing that behind of every waterfall, there is a cave. People come here will feel the mysteries of waterfalls, rocks and caves.